As sellers of a home, it is important that the buyer’s experience the best FEELING as possible when they enter your home. To activate most of their senses in a POSITIVE manner will make your home first on the list and top of MIND when they are making their selection. Here are some examples that I do when I am hosting an open house for my sellers.

VISUALLY, stimulate their eyes with pops of color, making sure all is clean and SHINY, floors sparkle, vents are clean, furniture is dusted and shiney.

AUDIBLY, play some soft music or uplifting music so they feel either calmness or fun depending on the mai features of the home. As an example, lakefront homes deserve some upbeat party music to be playing. Homes tucked in the wooded subdivision might have soft music playing. We want to enhance the best of the best in the home with our various senses including what we hear when we enter.

SMELLS have some cookies baking, coffee brewed fresh and ready for the guests.

TOUCH, soft pillows, fur throws and such in a luxury home so they can TOUCH it when they walk through and activate those senses as well.