“Donna was able to find exactly what we were looking for, then put the deal together in a way that was not stressful. She had quality referrals for financing, inspection, and other services. If you are looking for local knowledge and professionalism then you won’t find better than Donna Joerling!!”

L Haeffner
A Letter of Recommendation


Selling a home is often a once in a life time occurrence. Selecting the best Real Estate Professional to handle that sale can often times be a very arduous accomplishment. The necessity of finding a good realtor is akin to selecting a Primary Care Doctor. You want someone that will have your best interests at heart. Someone that will work closely with you to help you ride out and overcome the myriad of obstacles that can stand in your way. Ms. Donna Joerling is most assuredly that person and probably ranks in the upper five percent of Real Estate Professionals.


Donna worked remotely for me as I am about 800 miles from the property that she represented. My realtor, Donna, was selected from interviews with three local candidates from the middle Missouri region. All three seemed qualified for the job but Donna eluded a more positive sense of professionalism. I could not have picked a more competent or skilled individual for the job. Donna immediately inspected the property and began to point out both positive and negative features that were in need of attention. She had a team of support specialists including, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, heating and refrigeration technicians. She sent her team to work touching up and enhancing my property putting a completely new and fresh look to the place. She stayed in constant contact with me keeping me appraised of the status of the project. We had a contract within about two months. I could not have been more pleased with her attention to detail over the entire process of the sale. I would not hesitate to recommend her to handle the sale of my closest friends or relatives property. She is simply magnificent.


M. Sanders

Pensacola, Florida

February 28, 2017

We just closed on our lake house which we owned for 24 years. We had many happy memories wi h our children growing up during the summer there.


When we were ready to sell the house, we wanted to make sure that the real estate company that represented us would do a good job. Donna Joerling and the Joerling Group Real Estate Agency exceeded our expectations. The marketing and customer service was great. They handled everything from signing to closing in a professional manner. We would highly recommend them to anyone lo king to purchase or sell a home.


The Wrights


Finding the right land as your Little Piece of Heaven

Little Piece of Heaven We found Donna when I called for some information on a piece of property we found on an internet site that had not removed their information on a piece of property that had already sold. She immediately established a relationship by asking questions and offering genuine concern for what it was we were really looking for. The next day she had 19 listings for properties in an email for us to view and titled the subject “Little Piece of Heaven.” One piece stood out to us immediately and we would have never seen that listing as we were searching all the Land and Property websites on the internet and not the regular agencies like those typical for resident home sales. Donna was very thorough and offered tremendous advice along the way. There were 4 of us and conference calls and signatures were challenging at times. Also the sellers were in another state so she definitely had her work cut out for her keeping in contact with that agent and progress. We did end up with our perfect Little Piece of Heaven as we closed 3 weeks ago. It was great to finally meet her face to face as our paths were several hours from one another in location. We appreciated all her help and advice along the way and would highly recommend Donna and The Joerling Group.

– LuAnn M on 10/27/2016

The TEAM at The Joerling Group together made our dream lake home come true!

Working with The TEAM lead by Donna of the Joerling Group made buying a home an enjoyable experience. Their knowledge of the lake area, the various rules and regulations and their many contacts made buying a home from long distance an easy and less scary process. Thanks again, we really love our home,

– Rick and Cindy C. on 08/11/2016

Hiring the right land and farm agent is important so glad we found Scott Wilson!

Working with Scott Wilson on the purchase of our farm property was a pleasure. He was knowledgable about the property and its features and history, always available when we required additional information, and even stayed in touch following our purchase to ensure we were satisfied. He was so easy to work with and made our purchase stress free. We would definitely recommend Scott!

– Stephanie H. on 08/11/2016

SUCCESS in getting our land SOLD quickly by Scott Wilson our land agent!

I was having no success in selling my property and was told by the current broker for months to lower the price…AGAIN. Instead, I received recommendations to use Scott Wilson. After being made promises by other brokers, I was a little skeptical when Scott Wilson told me all of the methods and strategies by which he was going to sell my property and that he was highly confident that he would have buyers for me soon. No one had ever gone to the extent he was promising. He didn’t believe lowering the price was the correct approach in selling the property and recommended raising the price and allowing him to market the property. He was on top of everything and communicated every action he took to sell my property. His efforts impressed me like no other broker I had dealt with. In less than two weeks from the day I signed with Scott and The Joerling Group I had three very interested buyers. Because of Scott’s efforts, they competed against each other and he ended up selling the property for just slightly under the price he determined the property should be listed. The buyers were so happy with their experience that they wrote me a letter on how they were going to use the property. I can’t believe I was going to LOWER the price only because other brokers thought that price was the only way to sell a property! It was a great experience from start to finish working with Scott Wilson for both me as a seller and the buyers. I would highly recommend his expertise to anyone wishing to buy or sell property.

– Ted B on 08/10/2016

Rave reviews on Lake of the Ozarks Missouri Realtor

We had a wonderful experience working with The TEAM at The Joerling Group while purchasing our first lake condo. They was so friendly, nice and knowledgeable. They took so much time with helping us find the right place. We didn’t just get a condo, we gained a friend too! Thank you so much for everything! You are awesome!!!

– D and K Gibson on 05/27/2016


You’re the most active real estate agent we’ve had…hands down! You’ve done more than any other agent we’ve had with any property we’ve owned so I appreciate it!

– John R on 05/22/2016

Lender Referral taking great care of my clients! Thanks!!!

Hello and congrats on the contract! Thanks for taking great care of my clients! Long time clients are always the scariest to hand off and you apparently did a great job with/for them.

– Vince K – Lender Referral on 05/22/2016

Professional advice from Scott Wilson and Donna Joerling

As luck would have it, I uncovered a offer for my tract #3 while negotiating a lease for tract # 1. In addition, I also got an offer for my tract #1 from the guy who was making noise about an offer before. So I am no longer in a position to list. I must say that I was impressed with your business sense and marketing strategy and would have listed with you, but you can’t beat luck. regards, Jon D

– Jon D on 10/22/2015

Hermann client talks about Donna and her skills as their listing agent.

Donna is an Excellent broker/ real estate agent! To date, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with her, as we are trying to sell our property. Since we have a unique historic property to sell with lots of potential, Donna has provided many great and creative ideas for marketing the property. She is highly professional, honest and full of integrity. She also makes a point of knowing everything she can possibly find out about the property and its history, so she can accurately and enthusiastically share this information with potential Buyers. She does all of this in a fun, humorous, upbeat and positive manner!

– Mark and Kathleen on 11/30/2014

Happy Lake Front Client sells their home after much to do from the other agent and their clients!

Donna Joerling is a fully competent, responsible, self-aware and successful Realtor, and if required, she morphs into a soothing counselor enabling you to see the big picture or a fierce defender refusing to capitulate and sacrifice you for a quick sale when the other side employs their three card monte street hustle smoke screen. You will never feel alone with Dona Joerling on your side. With you as captain, the smart money’s on choosing Donna Joerling for your team

– Larry M. on 11/30/2014

SOLD in 30 days or less with multiple offers!

I contacted Donna if she would be interested in listing my Mom’s house in Hermann, Mo and within a week I had 2 offers and sold the house. It had been on the market for a while and I was very pleased with Donna’s marketing style and how quickly she was able to get it sold. I would recommend Donna to sell anything for me in the future. Kathie

– Kathie G on 11/12/2014

Town Home to Single Family Residence Purchase

When looking to step out of my town home into the home of my dreams, Scott was right there along side me guiding me along the way. I remember one home we visited, I fell in love with it the minute we pulled up to the driveway. The house delivered everything and more than I could every dream of, and it was right there in my budget. I was so excited, and wanted to make an offer and call it home! That is when Scott noticed a few things, I failed to even see, or would I have even looked for. He suggested a few professionals to call to get their expert opinions. Which, honestly I had not clue nor did I think it could be that bad really – I wanted this house. I am SO Very thankful to Scott and his eye to detail and knowing what I had not clue to even think to look for. He certainly saved me from investing in what would have been not my dream home, but my worst nightmare. Scott continues to communicate with me even today. Thanks Scott for being a personal agent, I call him a friend today.

– Robin W on 04/20/2014

Roll up my sleeves and help my clients!

Scott Wilson has really given us service when we could have never expected it. While we were moved into our home and very happy with our first home purchase in a great neighborhood and close to the schools, what we did not realize, was after our first year an investor began the new construction next and what that would do tour first home. It was realized after a terrible spring thunder storm where we received inch’s of rain per hour and soon our basement had turned into a swimming pool. The new construction next door raised the level of the land above our property and all the run off came flowing up against our home. I was running to the store to get a sub pump, when I ran into Scott Wilson and shared why I was there. What took place next is what I could have never expected. Scott Wilson was following me home in his business dress attire and was barefoot next to me making after we through the main breaker to our home, fighting what seemed like a small river flowing through my basement. When we where able to have a bit of control, Scott made some phone calls and soon had several professionals in water remediation at my home and the battle was being won. But, I have to share with you, while I was very pleased and relieved in this unexpected aid, the fact is he came over days later to check on us and see hoe things were going. He brought my a six pack and my wife a bottle of wine and asked how we were doing. I have to tell you, Scott’s integrity and genuine caring attitude has insured me that there is only 1 agent that is right for us and all that I know. That is Scott Wilson hands down.

– Brian B on 04/20/2014

Outdoors man and Real Estate Agent, Call Scott!

When we were looking around for an agent, Scott was refereed to us by a mutual friend. We did not know much about him at the time, but in interviewing him and 3 others, we found out that Scott delivered a lot of passion and respect for the outdoors. That was a huge selling point for my wife on the respect and the fact that he shared the same passion of the hunting sport allowed me to click with him right away. We were amazed in the detailed info he asked us to describe and provide him, were all the others seemed to want to simply have us sign a agreement and not ask us what we were looking for even. After the time spent with Scott on our first visit, we knew he had our best interest at stake. WOW – were we right as well that day we choose to do business with him!!!! It was a long 3 month process and lots of effort on his part, but what we really enjoyed along the way, was his eye to the littlest details. Things my wife and I did not even see or think of looking for. We would be walking a trail and he would stop us and walk a few feet of the trailer and point out a deer scrap and then lead us down a deer trail pointing out all the game signs along the way. This was pretty cool, as you can sense as if he was personally looking at this property for his own interest, not ours. We felt comfortable all the through the process and when we sat down at the end of our journey, my wife said – Thanks to Scott, you now have your dream property and I have my peace in paradise.

– Pat N on 04/20/2014

Hunting Lease vs. Own, have Scott Wilson help you.

Hands down, Scott Wilson is the agent you can trust when it comes to hunting property. With years of wanting my own place to hunt and being frustrated with leases and hunting public ground, I was excited to learn how easy it was to buy my own ground. Scott helped me tour the property and made suggestions and asked the listing agent details that I didn’t even think of that aided me in making my decision to purchase the land. It was s smoothness transaction. I referred Scott to my dad who was also looking and my dad ended up buying the farm across the street from me that was not even listed yet on the market. Scott’s ability to be in tune and know the market in farm and hunting property helped both my dad and me secure what I call hunting camp and my dad, since retired – Home.

– Russ K on 04/20/2014

Hunting Investment Clubs know who Scott Wilson is and what he can do as well!

I started working with Scott back in 1993, when my father was hospitalized and I had to take over the Duck Club Operations. With little knowledge about managing a duck club business, I was very comfortable when Scott explained and helped organize the many aspects of my fathers operation(s). I built a great trust for Scott and have referred other to Scott services as he has delivered for over 17 years to Beaver Lake Duck Club. My trust level with Scott on his knowledge, recommendations on how to set up our waivers, rules, and guidelines has proven to be most effective throughout the years. As well his ability to manage my Rate Cap, that has far succeeded my expectations. He is truly delivers his Best Shot in managing my Duck Club operation today. Scott is an elite agent and one that will deliver far more than just standard service, advise, but a partnership that we have found is a win win for all that he is involved with. Carolyn B from the Beaver Lake Duck Club

– Carolyn B on 04/20/2014

Lake of the Ozarks happy buyer at The Joerling Group

We were very fortunate to have Donna Joerling from The Joerling Group real estate brokerage, as our Buyer’s Agent while looking for our future home at the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. She acted as a strong advocate for us, raising issues and asking questions that helped educate and protect us. After our first trip helped us narrow down the areas and type of home we wanted, we emailed a list of houses we found through the internet and wanted to see on our next trip. Donna pre-visited the houses and gave us details on each, allowing us to eliminate a few from the list and save us time. Once we found our new home, Donna guided us through each step of negotiations and preparing for closing. We really appreciated her attention to detail, and thoroughness, making sure nothing was missed along the way. She is very good at explaining things, identifying options and presenting pros and cons. We highly recommend Donna to anyone looking for a real estate professional who will work on their behalf!

– JT and J Schwalm on 02/18/2014

Helping parents find a condo

Thank you for helping us find a place for our parents. Moving loved ones are always complicated, Donna made the transition from one state to another much easier and walked us through and them through a very emotional time in their lives.

– D Forshee on 11/06/2013

Selling my house in O’fallon, Missouri.

I met Donna when she listed my home. She is an extremely professional hardworking and ethical Real estate agent / broker. She is now a friend and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Donna Joerling in my opinion is a great example of what a Professional Real estate agent should be. She continually attends classes and webinars to keep fully on top of what is going on in our neighborhoods and the industry. She puts the REAL into REALTOR

– D. Livingston on 11/06/2013

SOLD our house in 13 days!!!!

Donna is an awesome agent! She knows how to do her job well, which in fact sells your home quickly! She will spend the quality time with you to help you evaluate what needs to get done to get the house on the market and sold! She is great! I can’t say enough kind words about her!

– D Stewart on 11/06/2013

Sold multiple properties for us….

Donna has helped me buy and sell properties, and I also consider her a friend. I have known Donna for almost 20 years and she is the most caring agent you would ever want. She is very professional and is driven to find the right fit whether you are the buyer or the seller of a property she’s on your side.

– J Parent on 11/06/2013

Listening to the buyers…Pros and Cons reminder when buying a home

Donna was great to work with. She always gave us pros and cons on properties we were considering. We felt that our happiness and housing security was more important to her than selling a house. She was a pleasure to work with and I can wholeheartedly recommend her.

– P Barry on 11/06/2013

Need sound advice on a home purchase and a home sale both!!!

Donna just sold our house for us and was great working with. She helped us stage our house perfectly and was always there if we had any questions night or day. One of the Best!!

– M and C Wilson on 11/06/2013

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